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I’m passionate about helping you decrease your body burden by ridding your home of toxic beauty, personal care, and cleaning products, and swapping them out for safer, healthier choices. It's my goal to help you find and implement natural solutions to support your unique health and wellness needs. 

You'll also quickly find that I'm sold on the urgency of replacing some of the grass in your yard with a food forest! I believe there are few things more important right now than improving our nutritional intake and increasing our food security. 

For daily support as you're making healthier changes in your life, hop over to my free toxin-free living community, where we're creating healthier lives one simple, practical step at a time. 

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Want personalized help making changes in your health or home? Individualized coaching will help you quickly bridge the gap between knowing you should make changes and actually integrating your desired changes into your life. It provides a structure for both immediate victories AND long-term success. Get quickly to a place that took me years of research and trial and error to reach with my Healthy Body, Healthy Home Intensive.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Immune Support

I DON’T WANT TO GET SICK (pleads everyone this time of year)!!! This post (and it's companion) will show you the natural remedies you need to stay healthy until Spring! Read more...


The Truth About Candles

Who here LOVES candles??? Take a moment to think about what prompts you to bring a new one into your home. Perhaps it's the fragrance that calls to you? Will it make your room feel cozy, comfortable, or relaxing? Or maybe it has a fresh, clean scent? Or a spicy aroma that’s perfect for the winter holidays? 


Essential Oils for Focus & Concentration

There are times when we all need to increased focus to get something done, learn a new concept, or achieve a goal. Or when everything around us seems chaotic or out of control, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and ineffective. Essential oils are a great help to us in these situations, whether it’s to clear our minds, clarify our thoughts, provide grounding, increase retention of information, or offer a boost of energy. Read more...