Traveling??? Which Essential Oils Should You Take Along?

I recently took an overseas business trip for the first time in over two years. I definitely couldn’t take my entire oil collection with me to Bosnia and so set about trying to narrow down the list to just the “bare essentials.” So many choices!  Which to take? Here’s what I finally chose to pack and why: 

Helpful Essential Oils for Traveling Overseas

Balance – promotes tranquility, brings harmony to the mind and body, balances emotions, creates a sense of calm and well-being, promotes whole body relaxation, helps ease anxious feelings (traveling gets your body out of whack… help it stabilize and readjust)

Breathe – maintains clear airways and easy breathing, helps minimize seasonal threats

Deep Blue – soothes sore muscles and joints (important to have after being in a tiny economy class seat for many hours!)

DigestZen – aids in the digestion of food, soothes occasional upset stomachs, reduces uncomfortable gas and bloating (a must-have for traveling abroad!)

Grapefruit – invigorating and energizing aroma uplifts your mood (to beat back jet lag!)

Lemon – uplifting and energizing, improves your mood, supports healthy respiratory function, cleanses the air

On Guard – supports healthy immune function, purifies the air (clean the air in your hotel room), energizes, uplifts 

Peppermint – promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing, alleviates stomach upset (wake yourself up before walking into meetings or going to the gym)

Rosemary – energizing scent helps maintain concentration, reduces nervous tension and fatigue, supports healthy respiratory function (keep your focus during long meetings!)

Serenity – calms emotions while creating a sense of peace and well-being, lessens feelings of tension, promotes a restful sleeping environment (also give a drop to the person next to you who is fearful of flying)

Wild Orange – energizes, uplifting to the mind and body, protects against seasonal and environmental threats, powerful cleanser and purifying agent

If you’re traveling long distances by road, a car diffuser can make the journey happier and less stressful for everyone inside. My favorite is the ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Litemist Aromatherapy Travel Car Diffuser. For a beautiful, lower tech model, check out these car diffusers by Drops of Joy. You’ll love that the scents lasts for weeks! Regardless of which diffuser you choose, drop in your favorite blend and stay calm, awake, and in the moment. 

The ZAQ car diffuser is also perfect for diffusing oils once you arrive at your hotel or other accommodations. Check out this post for two diffuser blends that will clean the air in your hotel room and help you feel more at home. I think you'll especially love my Traveling Soul Diffuser Blend. It's one of my all time favorite feel-good blends! 

Make any hotel room more like home with essential oils and a diffuser!

It’s not easy or kind to your body to get off a plane and go directly into meetings after flying all night. Here’s a blend I put together to help me power through the day. I frequently sneak the roller bottle out of my bag between meetings to clear my head and re-energize!  

Awesome roller bottle blend to counteract jet lag!

Grateful for my oils, which helped me enjoy more of Bosnia rather than merely surviving it in a haze! Want tons more healthy travel tips??? Jump over to these blog posts:

Beautiful river running through downtown Sarajevo

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