Armpit Detox Masks -- Why you need them and how to do them!

Why you need to detox your armpit lymph and how to do it to reduce body odor  #armpitdetox #armpitmask #detoxmaskrecipe #armpitdetoxdiy #armpitdetoxbentoniteclay #armpitdetoxmask

If you suffer from body odor or simply want to further boost your body's detox capabilities, you NEED this in your life! Trust me!

Awhile back, I shared with you a list of toxin-free deodorants that are used and loved by members of my wellness community. Ditching conventional anti-perspirants and deodorants is SO important because there is TONS of health-impacting stuff typically hiding inside what we apply beneath our arms! 

Like parabens, which can significantly disrupt our bodies' hormones! 

And aluminum compounds that block the body’s ability to perspire by swelling the cells around the sweat glands (an inflammatory reaction). When our lymph systems are prevented from doing their job of removing toxins properly, it forces other organs and systems in our bodies to work much harder to carry out detoxification. Build up of aluminum is linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

And the list of ingredients to banish from your deodorant goes on. Again, jump here for a fuller explanation of harmful ingredients and healthy deodorant options that actually work. 

But beyond choosing healthier products to slather on our armpits, we also need to regularly detox our lymph system in that area and on our chests. Why? 

The lymphatic system runs throughout our entire body to help illuminate toxins. It can become VERY congested in the armpit and chest region.

Toxins get trapped in the lymph and cause us to smell. So, if you struggle with body odor, you can thank toxins for that! 

This leads most people to try to cover up the odor (a sign that something isn't right with your body) with anti-perspirants and heavily scented deodorants, rather than dealing with the root cause. Let's not be those people! 

Doing regular armpit detoxes can boost our bodies' removal of stink-causing toxins. Here's how to do it!  

  1. Use a GLASS bowl (see note below).
  2. Add 1 tablespoon bentonite clay.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar.
  4. Add 2 to 4 teaspoons water.
  5. Mix together with a wooden or other non-metal spoon until you achieve sour cream texture. 
  6. Add more water if needed. 

WARNING: Do not use a metal bowl or spoon in when working with bentonite clay. Metal spoons and bowls will react with the clay reducing most of its healing properties. Use glass bowls and a glass stirring rod, chopstick, or other non-metal implements instead.

  1. Apply to entire armpit region. Go for the chest as well if you're able, as the lymph is heavy in that area as well. 
  2. Allow to sit and dry out for 5 to 20 minutes before rinsing.
  3. Do this at least once per week or whenever you feel you need it! I promise you’ll notice a difference once you pull those toxins out.

I often do a mask on my face while I'm at it. For those, I use a separate deep cleaning clay mask recipe that I shared in my wellness community some time ago. Hit me up if you'd like it!  

Check out this post or my toxin-free master list of products across all categories if you need a recommendation of one that's toxin-free. 

Show your armpits and lymph some love, my friends!


Why you need to detox your armpit lymph and how to do it to reduce body odor  #armpitdetox #armpitmask #detoxmaskrecipe #armpitdetoxdiy #armpitdetoxbentoniteclay #armpitdetoxmask

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