Simplest Way to Achieve Better Poops

The simplest way to poop easier, faster, and cleaner  #howtopoopwhenconstipated #howtopoopregularly #howtopoopfaster #poopingposition #squattypotty

POOPING... One of life's most important bodily functions for vibrant health.

But one that most people feel uncomfortable talking about. Or even acknowledging that they do. 

I used to be one of those people!  (Are you?)

That is, until digestive and other issues completely crashed my health... and my daughter was diagnosed with the worst case of stool impactment Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC had ever seen in a 2-year old. If you and I don't yet know each other well, you can find a fuller version of our story here.

Once the seriousness of Gabby's issues became apparent, life in our home literally began revolving around poop.

And how to do it better and easier.
And more often (ideally 2 -3 times a day).

And in the right shape and consistency (long and smooth like a sausage).

You get the idea!

We are now equipped with MANY strategies for facilitating ideal pooping... from food to supplements to essential oils to massage.

But what I want to talk to you about is the simplest strategy of all! So simple, you may discount it as silly. 

But trust me, it's not! And it's backed by solid research (see references at the end of this post).

Did you know that toilets in their current form are a fairly recent invention?

In fact, in many parts of the world, the porcelain throne doesn't exist in the average home. Yep, I've experienced many forms of elimination facilities traveling overseas... and I'm a certified expert at going in brush, behind bushes, and other rustic places!

But did you also know that sitting on modern toilets to poop is not natural for our bodies?!?
It's not how were were designed to properly eliminate!

But if we were not designed to sit with our legs bent at a 90 degree angle... how should we be pooping? 

Your body was designed squat!

This natural pose helps you to have easier, more complete eliminations, which makes for a healthier and happier life.

Our body relies on a bend in the colon (where your poop lives) and the anus (where poop emerges into the world) to keep everything stored until showtime.

The posture of the western toilet causes a kink in this tunnel, which can lead to major blockage.
Colon blockage isn't just uncomfortable—it can cause serious health problems.

Constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids are significantly less prevalent in countries where it’s customary to squat.

Squatting undoes this kink so you can do business the way you were meant to.

However, most of us don't have holes in our bathroom floors in which to do #2. So, what's the solution?

That's where a simple, low-tech device -- a toilet stool like Squatty Potty (there are other brands as well) -- comes in.

Squatty Potty raises up your legs, facilitating posture that is conducive for a healthy bowel movement. This, in turn, can improve symptoms of constipation and hemorrhoids.

As pictured, I have the bamboo flip Squatty Potty that raises your legs either 7" or 9". This is great for accommodating both different toilet heights and the heights of different people. There are also plastic Squatty Potties, like this one.

Trust me, every single person NEEDS these in their home. But especially if you struggle in the pooping department. Or if you have little people in your house whose feet do not squarely plant on the floor when sitting on the potty. Feet should NEVER been dangling when using the facilities. That's even worse than the unfortunate 90 degree angle that we've already discussed! 

Give it a try! You can thank me later!

Here's to better poops for all! 


The simplest way to poop easier, faster, and better  #howtopoopwhenconstipated #howtopoopregularly #howtopoopfaster #poopingposition #squattypotty

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