Castor Oil Packs for Better Sleep, Digestion & Overall Health

How to Use Castor Oil Packs to Improve Digestion, Sleep, and Immune System #castoroilpack

Have you heard of this almost magical (and ancient/traditional) health practice??? Castor oil packs are one of the simplest ways to support your overall health!

They are one of my all time favorite health tools! And one that few people even know about.

The use of castor oil packs -- applying castor oil to specific parts of the body using cloth -- dates back to ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Ancient Egyptians, and Mediterraneans all used castor oil for its rejuvenating health and beauty properties.

Castor oil packs support the 5 foundational functions of the body. They assist with:
  1. Deepened sleep and relaxation, including by the stimulation of dopamine -- You cannot heal if your body cannot properly relax and rest.
  2. Improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and bowel movements --  When we don’t poop frequently enough (2 - 3 times a day is ideal), we are recirculating in our bodies the junk that needs to come out. This builds our toxic load and predisposes us to problems such as excess cholesterol and hormone imbalances. Castor oil stimulates the smooth muscle contractions of the intestines and is proven to be as effective as laxatives, while being gentle on your system. [In addition to castor oil packs, squatty potties can be an immense help for those who struggle with constipation. We discussed why and how to use them in this post.]
  3. Enhanced antioxidant levels and elimination of toxins (via glutathione) -- Glutathione pulls out and helps with elimination of most, if not all, toxic substances from the body, including heavy metals. Most of us are low on glutathione because we have been bombarded with chemicals and pesticides. There are few food sources of glutathione beyond whey protein and rooibos tea. Castor oil packs help increase glutathione levels!
  4. Reduced inflammation, increased alkalinization, and optimization of the immune system -- Where there is inflammation, there is overall stress in the body, sickness, and toxicity. The chemical structure of ricinoleic acid, the main component of castor oil, is similar in structure to the prostaglandins in our bodies that reduce inflammation. It also reduces substance P8 in the body, which is a chemical messenger that promotes the sensation of pain.
  5. Balanced microbiome by the breakdown of biofilm -- A healthy microbiome is the one major determinants of your overall health. Benefits include balanced mood, good bowel movements, reduced abdominal pain including bloating and gas, reduced physical inflammation, and improvement of auto-immune and hormonal problems. In contrast, bad gut bugs wreak havoc by producing a very strong protective layer called biofilm to keep them from being terminated. If you are able to break down their biofilm, then you have a much better chance of getting them out of your body and restoring the peace. Castor oil is one of very few natural substances that can break down this barrier.

Castor oil packs also indirectly rebalance the hormonal, immune, and nervous systems, which are the regulatory pathways of the body. 

Great, I'm convinced I need to incorporate castor oil into my self care practice. But how do I do it? 

So glad you asked! 

Most castor oil pack instructions involve putting castor oil on flannel/cotton and then wrapping your body in plastic wrap. No thank you!!! To both that mess and the plastic wrap.

I buy the castor oil packs that Gabby and I use from The Queen of the Thrones [use code HOLISTICALLYHEALTHYHOME10 for 10% off your order]. And I wouldn't buy them anywhere else, as I've seen nothing else comparable on the market today. They have organic castor oil, as well.

The Queen of the Thrones pack is a carefully designed, organic cotton pack made to be less-mess, and reusable (washable). You simply apply the oil to the organic cotton side, fold it over and blot it a bit against itself, tie the pack around the desired part of your body, and head to bed. You then remove the pack in the morning and hang on a railing or over the back of a chair until you're ready to use it again.

Queen of the Thrones even stocks children's sizes (which they didn't have when my daughter and I started using castor oil packs) and tiny ones to go around the thyroid area of your neck or over your eyes.

Castor oil packs are great to use a couple times a week. I increase to daily use if I'm doing a detox or dealing with a specific health issue.

Want to learn more about castor oil packs? This podcast features an interview with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, aka The Queen of the Thrones. In it, she talks all about the benefits of castor oil packs, as well as how to use them. Seriously, friends, castor oil is her thing! She talks about it all day, every day!

Check it out! 

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Oct 03, 2022 11:16 AM EDT

I have been using queen of thrones for a couple years. It’s never helped with sleep but I feel it’s helped a little with my health.

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