How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Welcome back to the third and final part of my series on healthy travel! You’ve planned wisely, packed smartly, and journeyed using strategies to best to avoid illness and counteract the stress that travel puts on your body. Now that you’ve reached your destination, how do you best support your health? And how do you keep on track with your wellness goals wh...

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Healthy Tips for Planning, Packing, and Traveling to Your Destination (Healthy Travel Part 2)

My family rarely traveled when I was a child. As in only a handful of times in my first 18 years and only once outside of New York State. Seem strange? Blame it on the cows. Dairy cows that need to be milked twice a day, 365 days a year. That and the constant struggle to turn a profit keeps many dairy farmers, especially those who own small family farms, cl...

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Ultimate List of Healthy Travel Snacks

My five-year old, Gabby, and I are hitting the road in a couple days for our annual trip north to my hometown. As a self-admitted "muncher," I have always been one of those who packs the car or carry-on luggage with plenty of snacks. However, after we were both diagnosed with food allergies several years ago (wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and yeast, among o...

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Hey! I'm Rachel! I dove into natural wellness after my health crashed in 2014. I'm on a mission to help you understand the ingredients in the products you use and show you how easy it is to exchange toxin-containing ones for things that support rather than burden your body. You'll find me growing microgreens, tending my urban garden, cooking whole food meals, hiking, foraging, and creating DIY skincare products.

Decrease body burden by swapping out toxic makeup and skincare. Check out my favorite clean beauty brand!

Ready to detox what you put on your face?

Skincare and makeup is one of the most important areas to tackle! You'll love my favorite clean beauty brand, which makes swapping your existing product for toxin-free ones a breeze! Plus, I'm here if you want help picking out the right product or shades for you!

Every home should have a food forest! Ask a permaculture designer to create a custom food forest blueprint for you!

Every home should have a food forest!

Increase your freedom, food security, nutritional intake, and environmental care by turning part of your lawn into a perennial food forest!

Check out some of my favorite toxin-free products for your body and home!

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Sea Love hand poured soy and coconut candles & was melts are by far my toxin-free favorites. Use the code HHH10 to get 10% off at checkout!

My Green Fills is my absolute favorite for virtually all home cleaning needs, from laundry to sprays to dish soap. This link will get you a HUGE discount on your first order!

My Green Fills is my absolute favorite for virtually all home cleaning needs, from laundry to sprays to dish soap. This link will get you a HUGE (70%+) discount on your first order!


Best Toxin-Free Natural Deodorant

It is difficult to find toxin-free deodorant that actually works. Primally Pure is my hands down favorite. Beautiful ingredients that won't let you down throughout the day. Use the code RACHELRABA to get 10% off at checkout.

Castor oil packs are my go to for improving sleep, digestion, bowl movements, immune support, and sundry other health issues. You can find my favorite ones here.