Host an Online Workshop

Through the wonders of the internet, you can participate in one of my workshops from anywhere in the world!  Contact me for the upcoming dates and topics.

You can also easily share the blessing of clean beauty, full spectrum hemp, or essential oils with others by hosting your own online workshop. As a thank you, you'll receive a hostess gift(s) for helping your friends and family further their health journeys.  

How do I host an online workshop?

Contact me to select the date, time, and topic of your workshop. Once we confirm a date, invite family and friends to attend. And don't worry... I've give you At the designated time, everyone will jump on their computer, iPad, or smart phone using the Facebook group or video conference link I provide. I will teach the class and take Q&A.

The teaching portion of the class is approximately 30 minutes. Attendees are typically eager to learn and are interacting and asking questions, which results in an overall time of 45-60 minutes.  

Contact me today to schedule your online class!