Are you nearing the half-way point in your career? Not sure you want to keep doing what you’re doing for the next 20 or 30 years? There is another path. And we have the ability to choose it!

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Are you nearing the half-way point in your career? Not sure you want to keep doing what you’re doing for the next 20 or 30 years?

Do you feel like you're not living the life you envisioned for yourself? Or one that is conducive to your well-being? Wondering if there can be more to a career than trading hours for dollars and being controlled by a rigid 40-hour+ work week?

Are you exhausted by the daily grid? Wishing for more time with your family and less time at the office? Or living paycheck to paycheck and feeling trapped? Feel like you're merely surviving rather than thriving?

Are you longing for freedom in the areas of finances, time, or ability to pursue your passions? If it were possible, would you want to work from home, while making a positive, tangible difference in people's lives EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Most importantly, where will you be in five years, or even 20 years, if you don't make a change?

DON'T MISS THIS: It's totally possible to make this sort of change and work toward creating a completely different life. There is another path. And we have the ability to choose it! 

 We can determine our own income, the hours we want to work, where we work, and the people we work with.

I've been a federal employee for 18 years, commuting at least two hours a day and surviving the Washington, DC high stress environment. I've had a fast-paced, rarely-boring, always challenging career advocating for men, women, and children who are often unseen and voiceless. This has given me the opportunity to travel much of the world and the blessing of working alongside and managing amazing, inspiring, and incredibly talented people. 

As much as I loved many aspects of what I was doing, I realized that this lifestyle needed to change when my health quickly deteriorated four years ago. While I was initially interested in essential oils to assist my digestive function and allow me to have full control over what was in my cleaning and personal care products, I quickly realized that the opportunity to build a business with doTERRA provided the perfect marriage of my passion for natural health with my desire to serve people and see their lives change for the better.   

If you, like me, can’t walk away from your current job without replacing/exceeding your current income, or are simply looking to supplement your existing income, let me show you another path.

Most of us can't quit our jobs right away. Rather, we make a commitment that we are going to take daily steps toward building the lives we want. And I'll be working toward that goal right along with you. You will be amazed what happens when you take the leap!


Is this business right for you?

  • You feel stuck in a career that does not align with your vision and dreams.
  • You feel compelled to make a change in your situation and pursue abundance in all areas of your life.
  • You are committed to making that change, but you need partners to help you get started.
  • You want to be surrounded by amazing, like-minded people who will support you, encourage you, and work alongside you so that you reach your goals.
  • You want to live a life filled with vitality, passion, and purpose.
  • You are passionate about serving others and helping become better versions of themselves.
  • You are self-motivated and focused.

Partnering with me is for people who are super excited about:

  • Natural health and wellness
  • Making a positive difference in other people's lives
  • Learning about essential oils from a certified aromatherapist
  • Being in business for themselves
  • Having control over their finances and work schedule
  • Working hard to create a residual income that will benefit them for years to come
  • Building a business anywhere in the world with very low financial investment
  • Being coachable, teachable, and always seeking to learn and grow
  • Being part of a committed group of inspiring, like-minded entrepreneurs working together further each others' businesses

Some Members of Team Holistically Healthy Home

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU: I will work without stopping to help you build the business you desire and achieve your goals, no matter what they are or how difficult they are to reach. I stick by and am committed to the members of my team for the long-term. When you join this team, you become part of our family for life, as we are a team bound together by shared goals and vision. We work together through thick and thin to ensure that all of us succeed together. You can trust that I will follow through when you have questions or need help. You can also trust that I will be honest if I do not know the answer to your question or an immediate solution to your problem, but will make every effort to find out so that we can learn together.

Interested in setting up a time to interact directly about the possibility of working together?  Leave me your details below and I'll be in touch with you soon!

Are you ready to further explore working with my team?