How to improve your running with essential oils

Do you run? Compete in triathlons? Do crossfit? Weightlift? Regularly play soccer, tennis, or golf? Dance or practice yoga?  

 Every practice, every decision, every food you eat, and every product put in or on your body will either move you in the direction of your goals or pull you further away. The difference between crushing finish lines, or not, is the stuff between the miles: stress, not enough sleep, seasonal threats, missed training sessions, not eating the right foods, or simply not using the right products to perform optimally.

Want to get an edge on the competition? Increase your performance? Recover faster from workouts, competition, or injury? Sleep better, decrease your stress, or strengthen your immune system? 

It's easier than you may think!  If you are struggling to get through your training because you are tired, frequently under the weather, stressed, or injured... you need to try essential oils. The best part is that once you learn how to use them correctly, simple daily application brings greater success both on the roads/field/mat/gym and in your everyday life.  

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