Healing Benefits of Grounding

Have you heard of "grounding"? Sometimes it's also called "earthing."  If so, is this part of your regular healthcare and self-care? If not, you're going to be impressed by its health benefits! And you'll completely understand why this practice should be part of every person's daily routine, along with early morning sun exposure. Let's dive in!  Our bodies o...

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Castor Oil Packs for Better Sleep, Digestion & Overall Health

Have you heard of this almost magical (and ancient/traditional) health practice??? Castor oil packs are one of the simplest ways to support your overall health! They are one of my all time favorite health tools! And one that few people even know about. The use of castor oil packs -- applying castor oil to specific parts of the body using cloth -- dates back...

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Why You Should Grow a Food Forest

What is a food forest, you ask? And why should I put one in my yard??? Great questions!  As the world’s population grows and food waste, nutritional deficits, food insecurity, toxins found in food, and supply chain consistency issues increase in communities across the globe, many are looking for solutions to provide a healthier, more local, and reliable food...

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How to Make Toxin-Free Foaming Hand Soap

This is my all-time favorite DIY cleaning recipe! You can make it in about a minute and completely customize your scent or leave it unscented.  Citrus or floral scents are fun for spring and summer, while spice and pine tree oils are cozy for winter. But it's completely up to you! Or have something different at each sink like we do!    I'll also note that fo...

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SAFE SWAP: How to Find Toxin-Free Eyeshadow

Even though the surface area of our eyelids is small, its skin is extremely thin and delicate. This results in our eyelids absorbing even more of what's put on them than other parts of our bodies. Both good and bad stuff. Most eyeshadows are full of ingredients that are less than ideal for our bodies. For example: PTFE -- Otherwise known as Teflon and linke...

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Armpit Detox Masks -- Why you need them and how to do them!

If you suffer from body odor or simply want to further boost your body's detox capabilities, you NEED this in your life! Trust me! Awhile back, I shared with you a list of toxin-free deodorants that are used and loved by members of my wellness community . Ditching conventional anti-perspirants and deodorants is SO important because there is TONS of health...

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Simplest Way to Achieve Better Poops

POOPING... One of life's most important bodily functions for vibrant health. But one that most people feel uncomfortable talking about. Or even acknowledging that they do.  I used to be one of those people!  (Are you?) That is, until digestive and other issues completely crashed my health... and my daughter was diagnosed with the worst case of stool impactme...

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6 Simple Ways to Avoid Hormone Disruptors

Another title for this post could be:  How to Get Out of Your Hormones' Way So They Can Do Their Jobs The majority of the products we are exposed to –- both at home and in the outside world –- contain hormone (endocrine) disruptors. Is this really a big deal??? You better believe it!  According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science:   "En...

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How to Choose a Toxin-Free Coffee Brand

Those of you who know me well know that I NEVER drink coffee these days, as even a couple of sips tend to cause digestive upset. But I know that many of you LOVE your morning coffee!  Or perhaps your afternoon coffee... or even evening coffee! BUT... Pesticide, fertilizer, or plastic residue in your coffee? Or exploitative child labor? No thanks! When consum...

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How to Select a Toxin-Free Aloe Vera Gel

Have you ever used aloe vera on sunburned skin? Or as a face moisturizer? Or when making DIY products, such as hand soap or hand sanitizer? You would think that since it is based on a healing liquid that comes from a plant that we wouldn't need a safe swap for this. Right?!? Turns out that most also vera gel on store shelves is FULL of junk, including carcin...

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Healthy Ethical Fashion on a Budget

👗  For most of my life, my only consideration when picking out new clothing was whether I liked the way a piece looked and fit. I had no idea that there are other important considerations -- even life and death situations -- to think about when selecting the fabrics that touch our bodies... both during the day and while we sleep. In the next few minutes, I'...

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How to Choose a Toxin-Free Deodorant

Let’s be truthful… no one wants to stink! Most of us were taught to deal with underarm perspiration in one of two ways: Stop it from happening with an antiperspirant. Cover it with heavily scented, conventional deodorant. Neither of these is good for our bodies or long-term health! If you're ready to stop preventing perspiration or masking body odor, here ar...

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Let me introduce you to the perfect summer side dish! It's light, perfect for summer, and SO nutrient dense!  Last weekend, a friend joined us for dinner. We enjoyed so many different things picked from our garden or sprouted in our kitchen, including our favorite creamy radish and cucumber side dish .  We also thoroughly enjoyed this fresh sprouted lentil ...

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How to Choose a Toxin-Free Insect Repellent

It's no fun getting eaten by mosquitoes or other biting insects! To avoid the discomfort they cause, many people reach for well known repellent brands like OFF, REPEL, or Cutter.  Unfortunately, chemical insect repellents with active ingredients such as DEET and Permethrin come with potential health hazards. Let's take a look at them!  Dangers of DEET and Ot...

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How to Choose a Toxin-Free Sunscreen

Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere. My daughter had her last day of 2nd grade a week ago and we've plunged into vacation season (for her at least!). As this is the time I normally also replenish my sunscreen stock, it's the perfect occasion to update the annual sunscreen safe swap post that I put together for my toxin-free living community ...

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Essential Oils for the Autumnal Equinox and the Fall Season

In the northern hemisphere, the 2019 autumnal equinox – one of two days each year when the length of day and night are roughly equal – fell on September 23rd. Regardless of the weather where you were (it was hot and sunny at my house!), this day represented the end of summer and official start of fall.    In many parts of the U.S., the air is getting colder ...

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The Truth About Candles (and healthier options to use instead)

Who here LOVES candles???        Take a moment to think about what prompts you to bring a new one into your home.    Perhaps it's the fragrance that calls to you? Will it make your room feel cozy, comfortable, or relaxing? Or maybe it has a fresh, clean scent? Or a spicy aroma that’s perfect for the winter holidays? The scent of a candle can absolutely add t...

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How to Buy Low-Toxin Furniture

Hi, everyone! Until now, I've personally written all of the posts that have appeared on the Holistically Healthy Home website and haven't purposefully sought out any other contributors. That is, until I met Amanda Klecker of Healthy House on the Block , who knows many things about creating a healthier home that I still have yet to learn.   Amanda is a certi...

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How to Make Beautiful, Non-Toxic Bath Bombs

Are you in on the bath bomb craze???    Bath bombs are an easy way for tired bodies and souls to wind down, relax, and indulge in a bit of pampering at the end of a long day. Depending on the combination of ingredients, they may help detoxify your body, moisturize your skin, soothe sore muscles, or reduce stress.    These colorful, fizzing orbs also make bat...

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Why Soak Your Feet + How to Do it for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit

Feet… we rely on them to move us an untold number of steps in our lifetimes, but we rarely think of them (except when they hurt!) and do precious little to care for them. Seems to me they deserve more thanks than they are getting!  One way I’ve recently started taking better care of my feet, as well as my entire body, is through the practice of soaking them ...

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Ready to detox what you put on your face?

Skincare and makeup is one of the most important areas to tackle! You'll love my favorite clean beauty brand, which makes swapping your existing product for toxin-free ones a breeze! Plus, I'm here if you want help picking out the right product or shades for you!

Every home should have a food forest! Ask a permaculture designer to create a custom food forest blueprint for you!

Every home should have a food forest!

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My Green Fills is my absolute favorite for virtually all home cleaning needs, from laundry to sprays to dish soap. This link will get you a HUGE (70%+) discount on your first order!


Best Toxin-Free Natural Deodorant

It is difficult to find toxin-free deodorant that actually works. Primally Pure is my hands down favorite. Beautiful ingredients that won't let you down throughout the day. Use the code RACHELRABA to get 10% off at checkout.

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