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Kleen Kanteen 64 oz Growler
This is perfect for taking clean water with you on your car trip. I carry this in my trunk and use it to refill my smaller  bottles as I empty them. Also works well for hot beverages.
Travel Ninja BlenderTravel Blender
Make green smoothies wherever you find yourself! This small blender is easy to pack for a road trip.  
Stainless steel food storage containers with silicone lidsStainless Steel Food Storage
These are the perfect size for meals or snacks and do not leak in your bag. Check out my favorite healthy travel snacks to put in your new containers!
Stasher silicone food storage bagsStasher Silicone Food Storage Bags
These are prefect for taking food along and can easily be washed and reused upon reaching your destination.
Kettle & Fire Bone BrothKettle & Fire Bone Broth
To keep your gut in good health on the road, take a box or two of bone broth along. Heat and sip once you reach your destination!  
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides PacketsCollagen Peptides Packets
Short on space? These are much smaller to pack than bone broth cartons and can be dissolved in hot or cold liquids.
3-Quart Mini Instant Pot3-Quart Mini Instant Pot 
Take almost an entire kitchen with you in one small appliance! Cook anything anywhere, from eggs to rice to whole chickens to soup.
doTERRA DigestZen Touch
Don't travel without it! In fact, I never leave home without this pre-diluted roller bottle to deal, which deals with any sort of digestive discomfort. Also good for queasiness or nausea. 
Activated CharcoalHardwood Activated Charcoal
Useful for upset stomachs, especially when traveling overseas. Bonds with other substances and renders them inactive to be safely flushed out of the body. Read more here
Oil Pulling Packets
It's not always feasible to take a jar of coconut oil with me on the road for morning oil pulling. These single-use packets are 100% organic, have a great grapefruit-ginger flavor, and are easy to pack in a suitcase. Win-win!
Travel Dry Skin Brush
Travel-Size Dry Skin Brush
This one fits well in a suitcase and comes with a travel bag to store it in.
Silicone travel tubesNordic Silicone Travel Bottles
Skip the toxic hotel shampoos and soaps! Bring your own in travel-size silicone containers.
ZAQ Car DiffuserZAQ Car Diffuser
This is great for making the journey happier and less stressful. 
Designed to fit in a cup holder. Is perfect for your hotel room as well! You'll also want to save a copy of my favorite road trip diffuser blends!

Drops of Joy Car Diffusers
Drops of Joy Car Diffusers
These low-tech diffusers come in a variety of styles and clip on your car vents. No water needed! At the bottom of this post are some ideas of which oils to put on the felt pad inside!
Sew Grown Essential Oil Bags
Purse + Essential Oil Carrier in One!
I love these Sew Grown bags! They hold my credit cards, money receipts, gift cards, and most used essential oils, all in one beautiful place. I get so many compliments on these, even when I'm grocery shopping! They come in a variety of fabric choices... pick one that best suits your mood! This size can carry 8 bottles or roller bottles.
Sew Grown Smaller Essential Oil BagSmaller Essential Oil Carrier
I have this size as well and use it often when traveling. It holds 8 large bottles + 4 small bottles or roller bottles. Or 12+ roller bottles! This one comes in lots of fabric choices as well.
Herb Pharm Rapid Immune BoostHerb Pharm Rapid Immune Boost
This works great for knocking illness out quickly. For use when you are actually feeling under the weather. Is also good for airplane travel.
doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing MistdoTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray
Use this on airplanes, in public restrooms, or your hotel room to rid unwanted germs.
Blue light blocking amber glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Sleep better by blocking your exposure to blue light before heading to bed.
White Noise Sound Machine
White Noise Sound Machine
Runs on battery or can be plugged into the wall to charge while you’re gone during the day. It won’t put out a lot of dirty energy while you’re sleeping.